Why the name Yellow Door? The name Yellow Door captures our desire to ensure that you have a real option to stay at home regardless of your age or health condition. Yellow is the colour of empowerment and self-control and a door symbolises your home, a space where you feel safe and want to be, where ever that is.

Is Yellow Door Accredited?  Yes, Yellow Door is Accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).  ACHS has recognised and endorsed that Yellow Door delivers a high standard of safe and quality care to its clients.

Why choose Yellow Door? It is Adelaide based, family owned and run. We have a 24 hour service run by Care Coordinators, who are trained nurses. There is no charge for your initial assessment. We match our staff to suit the needs of clients and most importantly, we listen to you and make it our mission to satisfy your needs and desires by implementing our tailored Care Plan. All our staff have national police checks, have Australian drivers licenses and are able to transport you to various appointments. All Yellow Door staff receive ongoing education. We are fully insured. Our trained office staff ensure accounts are sent out promptly and are available for any queries.

How much will I need to pay? Yellow Door charges its services by the hour. Our prices are competitive with any similar service in SA. We have trained nurses and carers (PCAs). The level of care will dictate the price, but generally costs range between $25 -$50 per hour for our carers. Services requiring the expertise of an Enrolled or Registered Nurse will generally range between $60-$100, but may be recoverable under some private health insurance policies.

Does my Private Health cover my services? Private health insurers mainly cover hospital costs. In some circumstances they pay a portion of the fee for home visits by Registered Nurses. The levels of coverage for home visits will vary depending on which insurer you have and the type of policy. You can discuss the detail of insurance cover with our Care Coordinators.

How do I know how much care I need? Our trained Nursing Care Coordinators come to your home, or visit you in hospital to do a free nursing assessment to evaluate your needs. After carefully listening to your needs and priorities, a Care Plan is then constructed. Care Plans are discussed at our weekly clinical meetings. Depending on your needs, your care may best be provided by a Personal Care Assistant (PCA), Enrolled Nurse or Registered Nurse (or any combination of these).

What are the qualifications of Yellow Door staff? At Yellow Door we value ongoing education to better service our clients. Our education provides our staff with best practice guidelines.
Personal Care Assistants have Certificate III qualification and are able to assist with showering, meal preparation, shopping, light cleaning, transport, companionship and medication prompting.
Enrolled Nurses are registered with The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and can provide all of the above plus medication, wound care and continence care.
Registered Nurses are AHPRA registered and can provide all of the above plus further clinical services such as intravenous medication, catheter care and complex wound management. Our care providers can also support palliative care and dementia care.

Does Yellow Door cater for people from different cultural backgrounds? Absolutely. We are a very multicultural group of people. Many of our staff speak different languages and have a good understanding of various cultural requirements.

Does Yellow Door provide services to people in Aged Care Facilities? Absolutely. If an aged care facility is your home then we are able to liaise with the caring team you already have supporting you. To compliment their care, we offer “day out” packages if you need to go to a family outing or other event outside your home. Our carers will give you their undivided attention.