Quality Assurance - Accreditation


Yellow Door is accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, a national organisation renowned for its stringent criteria and highest standards of qualifications. We are extremely proud of our achievement, which guarantees you are receiving a high quality service from a safe provider.

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Risk Management

Yellow Door is extremely thorough with risk identification and the risk management processes. Yellow Door prioritises the safety of our staff and clients.

We require regular care worker training, incident reporting, adequate insurance and knowledge of the OH&S Act and other relevant legislation.

Risk Management
Home Risk Assessment

Home Risk Assessments

Yellow Door is committed to protecting the Occupational Health and Safety of all workers and clients. A home risk assessment is completed for every client.

Where a hazard has been identified, Yellow Door ensures that with appropriate consultation appropriate risk treatment measures are implemented.

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Yellow Door maintains current Professional Indemnity and Public and Property Liability Insurances.

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Police Checks

It is Mandatory for all care workers to provide Yellow Door with a Police Offender History clearance to provide services for Yellow Door.

In some instances, further screening is required by Yellow Door. For more information, please visit the DCSI screening unit page.

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Manual Handling Training and First Aid

All staff are required to attend mandatory Manual Handling training and First Aid training, and be aware of Yellow Door’s OH&S policies and responsibilities, emergency response procedures and documentation and communication policies associated with protecting the health and well being of both themselves and clients.

Incident Reporting

Yellow Door OH&S policy requires all identified hazards, accidents and near miss incidents to be reported.

Yellow Door also requires care workers to identify hazards and to report the hazard.

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Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

Everyone who is seeking or receiving care has certain rights regarding the nature of that care.

These are described in the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. It allows clients, consumers, families, carers and providers to share an understanding of the rights of people receiving health care.

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