The perfect lesson in Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome
There is a confronting conversation in the media at present about the option to terminate a child with Down Syndrome, and that this population of people will eventually be eliminated in our society. Conflicting arguments are polarising people, but it is interesting to see that the people who have someone in their family with Down Syndrome, are very much in favour of allowing babies with Down Syndrome to be born and live their lives.

Disabled people contribute to society
Through-out the ages of man, all levels of perfection and imperfection have been an aspect of our humanity. As the western world becomes ever more sophisticated, there can be seen a strong focus on beauty, intellectual capacity and physical prowess as being of greater importance than any other human conditions. The media supports this, peer groups support this, work places, sporting arenas, and education facilities all support this concept. There is nothing wrong with striving for perfection. But the risk is that we overlook the value of the population who have so much to offer in areas of our human development which are often over-looked. People who have a disability contribute to society, we just don’t focus on how.

Finding the silver lining
I have a friend with four children, the second one has Down Syndrome and Autism. They are the most amazing, beautiful family. A teacher commented to my friend that her oldest teenage son was emotionally very mature and kind-hearted. When the teacher discovered that this boy’s brother was disabled, she said: ‘Ah, that explains it. Siblings of a disabled child are often much more accepting, caring and emotionally intelligent than other children.’

Down Syndrome
What people constantly share about the person with Down Syndrome in their family, is how much love and happiness they bring. Unfettered by the demands of society for them to display perfection and high achievement, they are free to express the pure human spirit.
The value of their existence is immediately seen in something which cannot be measured in terms of physical attributes. This is so profound within a family that the suggestion that these babies not be allowed to be born, provokes absolute dismay. Furthermore, as the Better Health Channel states: ‘People with Down syndrome often have their abilities and potential underestimated. A person with this condition will achieve in many areas when offered the opportunity and encouraged to do so.’

Effort has meaning
Needs demand effort. The more we help families who have someone disabled, the more they can all thrive. Places like the Phoenix Society have been serving the community for many years, providing employment and purpose to people with a disability. They work in the fields of packaging, horticulture, manufacturing and hospitality.
Recently a news story came out of Buenos Aires about four friends with Down’s Syndrome who started their own pizza company. They have become hugely successful.
There are countless stories about personal achievement and positive success stories from people who have a disability. They get there with the love and support of their family and the greater community in which they live.

Yellow Door Care serves people with a disability
Recently we became a registered NDIS Provider, which means we really understand the on-going needs of someone with a disability. People with Down Syndrome can have a productive and purposeful life just as they deserve, with the support of others.

If you would like to speak to Meg or Chris about having assistance from Yellow Door Care please phone 8362 3033 or click here.
We understand that the person in your family who has a disability, is someone you love and want the best for.

Erica Fotineas
August 2017

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