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Disruptive – now a good thing!

Being disruptive used to be dimly viewed, especially if it was in the classroom. But today this word is now being used to describe the positive effort required to break out of a rut. A rut can run so deep that we are literally wedged into it like a heavy wagon wheel stuck firmly into the mud.

Why be disruptive?
We can be in all sorts of self-made ruts, made by years of the same activity or made by a generational influence from the way we were parented or by the society we live in. The problem with being in a rut is that we feel trapped, and can’t get out. The up-side is that it is well-known, comfortable and has a kind of secure feeling about it. The down-side is that we don’t make changes that can really help us to grow, or improve our health. We linger in a situation that drains us of our energy and vitality. We sit in a stupor of comfortable warmth even if it is toxic. Breaking out invites a flood of new life and energy into your existence, just like the flooding of Lake Eyre produces a monumental flourishing of life after years of dusty drought.

Disrupting a rut
To look at a few examples of disrupting a rut, look at the effort and will-power required to break an addiction. Look at the supreme effort and planning that goes into selling your house and moving on. If you have rut-symptoms, you might need to think seriously about planning the steps required to force a full-scale disruption. If you are older, your rut is deeper because the thought patterns to counteract effort are well honed.
For every thought of counter-disruption, a stronger image of motivating reason must be on the fridge, on the back of the toilet door or written in messages where-ever you go.

Fighting entropy
Entropy is ‘a process of degradation or running down, or a trend to disorder’ Merriam-Webster. There are powerful tools to fight entropy: the easy decline back into a situation you are not happy with. Once you have made a decision, the decision itself sends a message: ‘….once you have made your decision, everything in the Universe conspires to help you achieve it… ‘The Alchemist’ Paul Coelho
In fact making your decision is the single most important thing you can do to start a process of disruption. Then it is a matter of planning and recruiting help. Having a hard copy of this (a folder or exercise book), and not just an idea in your head, adds further energy to your motivating force.

Successful disruption
Well-being and life-force ensues with a successful disruption, but like any birthing process there is struggle, moments of rest to re-group, and often pain of some sort.
Success is often dependent on a group effort, with friends and family all providing support.
Seek help from professionals when the effort is beyond you. Motivation is a hungry child and needs constant nourishment. Daily feeding is imperitive if your plan is to come to fruition. Learn to recognize the onset of a heavy heart, negative self-talk and apathy. Disrupt it with exercise, regardless of your specific goal. Walk it off, get yourself going, moving, acting as if you are already successful.

Overcoming weakness of spirit
You are not alone, being human is filled with character flaws and failings. Here are some ideas on overcoming weakness of spirit:

-Become informed, read and acquire knowledge about your problem
-Make an appointment with a person who will help you (Dr, Psychologist, Life Coach, Naturopath, Energy healer, Counsellor, Personal Fitness Instructor, Financial Planner or whatever matches your goal)
-Make a number of appointments that reach beyond two weeks. This gives you an authoritarian impartial overseer aspect to your journey which is needed when lethargy and depression set in.
-Make a plan of baby steps
-Meditate or pray
-Rewards (create real situations that reward you for each milestone)
-Document progress. If you have a record of your journey it is much easier to see that you have indeed made progress, and this is inspiring in itself.

Disrupt, disturb, unsettle your bad
What is your bad? It’s bad if it’s something you do, think or allow that impacts on your life negatively.
Upset the obstruction, impede the power it has in your life or reduce the negative impact.
These days and weeks ahead will pass anyway, why not use them to your advantage so you can look forward to the constant, uplifting rewards of your efforts.

Erica Fotineas
August 2017

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