Relieving the side effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is well known for having unpleasant side effects, despite more recent drugs not being as bad as in the past. Probiotics A constant player in the field of

Preparation for Chemotherapy

Whether this is your first chemo session or your third, you can still review your preparation to improve tolerance, mental well-being and decrease the chances of side-effects. Chemotherapy – what

Exercise for Recovery

Illness and disability require a different approach to exercise, allowing for low levels of energy, consideration of pain and other side effects. But do the restrictions mean that exercise should

Cancer Support in the Community

Yellow Door Care joins a wide range of supportive services for anyone involved with the breast cancer journey. You might be surprised at the lovely things that are available, including

Why we need to share our own stories

Social Interaction Western civilisation has lost something very valuable from the village life, and that is our daily social interaction, face to face, where every malady and experience was discussed

The perfect lesson in Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome There is a confronting conversation in the media at present about the option to terminate a child with Down Syndrome, and that this population of people will eventually

Yellow Door Blog – Disruption

Disruptive – now a good thing! Being disruptive used to be dimly viewed, especially if it was in the classroom. But today this word is now being used to describe

Music-Thanatology. Yellow Door Care

Music in Palliative Care Used in the palliative care setting, Music Thanatology is a ‘professional field…that unites music and medicine in end of life care’ (Music-Thanatology Association International.) A specifically