Regret and Bucket Lists

Can we have regret? Is there a secret to happiness and health? Have you ever spoken to a happy, healthy person in their nineties, and asked them what their secret


Constipation We might not talk about this much, but constipation effects everyone from babies to the elderly. You can meet the definition of constipated even if you have one bowel

Crying – It’s OK to cry

Crying is therapeutic, it’s not just a saying, science has proven it. Why do we cry? Emotions provoke a reaction which sometimes feels embarrassing or makes you feel exposed and

The Spiritual Questions about Death and Dying

Impending death It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not, death and dying provoke a questioning of our spirituality, purpose and meaning. The person who is dying, whether from

Getting Affairs in Order

Getting affairs in order With a palliative care order or Advanced Care Directive in place, you may wish to confront the reality of getting affairs in order as well. This

Healing with food and water

Healing – A good way to eat Much has been written about healthy eating and the benefits of staying well hydrated. So much, in fact that you might think there’s

Celebrating Progress

A wonderful discovery! Meg introduced me to a fantastic company which was created by Lisa Rollison, called ‘Celebrating Progress.’ Lisa has spent years researching information on the brain and how

Home Care or Nursing Home?

Home Care: I can’t cope If you have been the main carer of perhaps one of your parents or grandparents, there is a time when even the most capable can

Early signs of Dementia

Forgetfulness We have all had moments of forgetfulness, particularly when tired or stressed. That’s normal. But how can you tell when that moment of being unable to remember someone’s name