People approaching the end of life phase, whether through old age or chronic or terminal illness, deserve the option to be cared for at home, in familiar surroundings, supported with high quality and specialised care.

Yellow Door seeks to approach end of life care or palliative care with an emphasis on living life as fully as possible in the most normal of environments – a person’s home, and conducting care with as little or as much specialised medical and nursing input as needed to achieve the very best quality of life for the individual.

Our care is tailored to the particular preferences and needs of the individual and their family. We ensure that the desires of the person being cared for and their family are catered for in our individually formulated care plans based on the information gathered from our comprehensive free home assessments. We take the time to ask all affected parties what they would like to achieve from our home care services and make it our business to ensure those needs are satisfied.

We have much experience in providing care encompassing the range of sensitive issues and needs at this time of life. Our tailored end of life care at home solutions can include:

  • Assistance with advanced care planning and Advanced Directives
  • Respite care for primary care givers/family members
  • Pastoral/spiritual care to fit your belief system
  • Funeral planning and celebrant services