Celebrating Progress

meditationA wonderful discovery!

Meg introduced me to a fantastic company which was created by Lisa Rollison, called ‘Celebrating Progress.’ Lisa has spent years researching information on the brain and how people learn beliefs. This was largely prompted by having a child with specific neurological special needs, and a desire to help not only her family, but to reach out to others who could benefit from what she learnt. The end result is a unique combination of life coaching, meditation, physical training and emotional support, all custom created for the individual. You choose how much you want, whether it is just listening to meditation or becoming more involved.

‘Celebrating Progress’

This is what she called her business in reference to the positive acknowledgment of each step forward, made through a conscious effort to live life to the best of our ability, no matter what set-backs or hurdles we have been given.

After researching extensively into positive psychology teachings around the globe, Lisa accrued a prodigious knowledge base on this subject along with personal development and human behaviour. She decided to share this through the creation of a unique business which allows for the individual needs of others, rather than a generalised wellness program which may fulfill some needs, but ends up leaving gaps.

Idiosyncratic Meditation

My needs are different to someone else’s needs, my childhood and life experiences determine my beliefs both positive and unhelpful. Lisa creates a custom made meditation just for you! Together with breathing exercises and education (fascinating aspects that I was unaware of), she provides you with a Nightly Belief Training Program, relaxing music which again YOU choose, and the ability to print out your own chosen affirmations.

Personal Training

Recognising the value of physical training in improving a positive outcome, Lisa has linked up with PT Dennis Legault of CORE Agility to provide a gym program which members can access.

Personal appointments can be made for one on one support to overcome physical and emotional obstacles.

Learn More

If you find think this might be helpful or just want to know a bit more, Lisa’s website and social media pages are:




It is belief training that is easy to access and follow, with full support from someone who understands that life is not exactly straight forward and easy. We are here to learn and grow, but it’s nice to have our emotional and physical strength supported along the way.

Erica Fotineas

April 2017

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