Fever: What you need to know. Yellow Door Blog

Fever A fever is the body’s natural mechanism for fighting infection. Knowing how to manage it is knowledge we all need to have,particularly in the setting of certain disease processes

Do you have anaemia?

Anaemia Anaemia is one of those blood conditions which insidiously creeps up on you, until the symptoms are unable to be ignored. There are remedies which are very effective from

The Mystery of Melatonin

Melatonin We’ve all heard of melatonin, but why is it receiving more attention of late? It used to be something you took just to overcome jet lag, but now there

Insulin Resistance – Yellow Door Blog

Blood Sugar Blood sugar imbalances are implicated in more disease processes than just diabetes. In fact, insulin resistance is discussed as one of the risk factors for dementia. It is

Relieving the side effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy Chemotherapy is well known for having unpleasant side effects, despite more recent drugs not being as bad as in the past. Probiotics A constant player in the field of

Preparation for Chemotherapy

Whether this is your first chemo session or your third, you can still review your preparation to improve tolerance, mental well-being and decrease the chances of side-effects. Chemotherapy – what