The Spiritual Questions about Death and Dying

Impending death It doesn’t matter whether you are religious or not, death and dying provoke a questioning of our spirituality, purpose and meaning. The person who is dying, whether from

Getting Affairs in Order

Getting affairs in order With a palliative care order or Advanced Care Directive in place, you may wish to confront the reality of getting affairs in order as well. This

Healing with food and water

Healing – A good way to eat Much has been written about healthy eating and the benefits of staying well hydrated. So much, in fact that you might think there’s

Celebrating Progress

A wonderful discovery! Meg introduced me to a fantastic company which was created by Lisa Rollison, called ‘Celebrating Progress.’ Lisa has spent years researching information on the brain and how

Home Care or Nursing Home?

Home Care: I can’t cope If you have been the main carer of perhaps one of your parents or grandparents, there is a time when even the most capable can